Smart people do not make business decisions with out some careful thought. We are pleased to provide you with the kind of powerful proof that you deserve so that you can make a wise decision based on facts.

You were smart enought to do your due dilligence so we are now going to provide you with proof from the people who have purchased our software and we are going to give you the down and dirty on exactly what they have to say about it.

And keep in mind: What you are looking at today is our brand new Viral Software platform with more software, faster pay outs, more live events and - we accepts credit card instant payments, and still offer the ever popular one time payment.

So take your time, hit the "Play" buttons below. These are real people and they absolutely spill it all, the cold hard facts. Our new platform is a one time cost of $100 and as well as all these people are doing, with the new platform you will have an unfair earning advantage over even them.

Your commissions in this platform will be over 300% more than what any of the people below experienced as their commissions were $7.00 where as this new platform pays you Twenty Five Dollars gross on each order.

Imagine the money you can make now with instant payments and massive software upgrades!

Here Is Our Proof...

Paul Darby is looking after people in need of cash now.

I have never seen anything like my you get paid fast business. I have been in this business for only one week and aim already having my first pay day. I like that because there is much much more to come.

The money comes direct to my door. There is no admin feeds and no up sells. I believe all of our prayers are answered.

For just $28.00 you have your own business for life. You have to see this for your self.

Charlie Mitchel

I've tried so many Online- Business and Opportunities out there, but never seen such this one from Paul Darby.

It's so easy to understand, to work with and you have a complete Business for just $28 for life. I've joined YGPF because I'm here to wanna help as much People as I can to get financial freedom. With YGPF you cannot lose! If you work on it on a daily basis, then you will get success! That's the key of a Master Plan.

Thomas Brueckner

This simple easy to follow program will be the answer to my dreams. I have been looking for a way to earn from home. People working together with the same mind a win win for everyone that joins and follows the step by step plan laid out in the members area.

Levi Connally Jr


I Love This Software because : * AnyBody can do it * AnyBody can Make Money With It * You Can Do it From Any Place * You Can do it From any country * Your Own URL goes Viral Worlwide * All you need is a computer & Internet * You Have Paul and His Team behind you to help you and support you all the way ! * You Can Paid FAST ! * Your Paypal or Your Mailbox

Thanks Paul,

J. Pineda

Hello, i'll never work again. You get paid fast was my solutions to all my money problems. If you really need cash and are serious about it, don't hesitate.

All my best

:Safari Katoi

I have seen a lot of opportunities over the years, and most of them involved some type of marketing that needed to be done in order to get your business exposure, and we all know how expensive marketing can be. I could not afford to pay for my business, marketing, seminars and autoships, and expect to remain in those types of businesses, until now! YGPF and Paul, thanks for this affordable and golden opportunity for me to own my own software business.

This software business provides me with, viral marketing tools, Internet success training, offline training to help provide SEO opportunities at affordable prices,multiple training software,fun stuff.

Awesome download capabilities for books,such as the Richest Man in Babylon, a book everyone should read. These are just a few things that got me fired up about Internet marketing again, and it is a level playing field for a small town man like me to help make a difference in the world!

Earnest Manning

Hello Paul & Everyone! I'm very happy to be one of the Members with this Great Business People everywhere should be Jumping On Something That Work's But With Everything Begin Not True then That's Why People Are Not Interested In You Get Paid Fast Because Everybody their Saying Spam for this Great Money Making Business Now That's Not True I've Start 11-05-2013 with this and I'm Continue to be with a Winning Business Don't talk about this Join it and Work Hard and have Some to Advertise this Business With Out Of Your Saving.

Charles Johnson


Iam really excited about this business because as Usual Paul has knocked it out of the ballpark with his fun and informative webinars and fantastic software package he has again created an inclusive package from newbies to experienced marketers can benefit from. No-one gets left behind

Jenny Shippen


This home business opportunity is best I've seen in the past 10 years!

Simple, affordable for anyone and the system takes out all the guess work, Last but not least, what we all have look for in a home businessm money coming to the mail box daily! Loving it!

Clarence Montgomery

Paul Darby is looking after people in need of cash now. I have never seen anything like my you get paid fast business. I have been in this business for only one week and aim already having my first pay day. I like that because there is much much more to come.

The money comes direct to my door. There is no adman feeds and no up sells. I believe all of our prayers are answered.

For just $28.00 you have your own business for life.

Charlie Mitchel 

I love this program. It is way above anything that has ever been presented in the past. I'm waiting for my web site to go live.

Lowell Fetty 


I just received my first money order and more are on the way. It's incredible how easy this is and the best part is I will soon be getting paid from the efforts of others.

Thank you so much YGPF!!

Dan Morgan


Hi my name is Betty I just want tell everybody about this amazing program . Yes you get money fast so true. I sign up and in the next 10 minute or so I some emails saying someone wanted more information.

The next thing I knew someone was sending me money orders to my mail box. I'm so blessed and greatful I found this program.

Betty McCall


This program is absolutely the best! I am not a big Guru with a big list but I am in this program and it works people! I am just following the program.

The money has started and in less than a week. I love my mail box! Paul is out doing himself for us. What are you waiting for? I am a retired great grandma and 24/7 caregiver.

If I can do it so can you!

Linda Chiappetta

I am excited because people that I am sharing YGPF with can grasp the concept quickly. I joined 2 days ago and just told a few and received 1 payment before I am approved. Can hardly wait till I get in my back office. Thanks Paul for coming up with this idea!

Bonnie Hilliard

I sent in my 4 money orders and have been marked as validated. My first referral has also been fully verified for all 4 of his money orders as of today.

The system seems to be working just fine now. Thanks Paul, I can't wait for this to viral and especially at the new higher amounts you mentioned that are coming. leopardman:)

Don Leopard 

I sent Paul my first four money orders last week and he verified me as validated. My site is now up that shows my first referral and I was able to get into my back office today and check it off as received. My referral also informed me that Paul Darby had received and checked his other 3 money orders as received and he is now validated for sending all four.

Don Leopard (#2) 

I have two sign-ups and I received my first money order yesterday 926 2013 and him great very happy snuff the first, make money online Internet but it was the easiest and I had more fun doing it thank you Paul for all your help

Paul Hargrave 

I have two sign-ups and I received my first money order yesterday 926 2013 and him great very happy snuff the first, make money online Internet but it was the easiest and I had more fun doing it thank you Paul for all your help

Paul Hargrave (#2) 

Hey I just wanted to say that I absolutely lov the You Get Paid Fast program! This is the best thing you can do online and works perfectly with any other business you are involved in. :)

Lets make it happen it up to you, if you think you can then you can, if you think you can't then your right, how would you know if you don't give it a try and see for yourself, it's not what others think about it, it's what you want, but just come on in, it only cost $28 to get started, see for yourself and no one else.

Be bless Thank you, it's fun, and it works, and that just about says it all! Regards,

Aye Lwin 


Hey just want to let everyone know.. This program is working FANTASTIC!

I got in and 3 days later started receiving money orders in the mail!

Can't wait until this thing gets on down to levels 2, 3 and 4... Level 2 is already getting signups!

The Succes Team!


This Program is next to the invention of FIRE! I been in it for a week now, and already been paid just as the video outlines. If you pass on this opportunity you Have thrown the baby out with the water!

So I can only recommend that you take action right now and start collecting your share of the wealth.

Bert Kelly

Paul, WOW! I'm 73 and this new money making site makes me feel 21 over and over again! I am looking ahead, instead of behind!

Thanks. R.E. Payne, MBA

Ok, Here is an update, so far... I started on 9/17/2013... received 3 members so far... -- 1 on from 9/27/2013 (I have payment) -- and then 2 from 10/05/2013 and 10/06/2013 (Waiting for payment) I have been in this industry since May of 2004, and this is the first time I have ever had 3 members either this fast or even at all... This works, it worth the money for the products.

Aaron M Finkel 

Paul, this is freakin' awesome man! I took your advice and put out a solo ad and Wham! 28 optins to my list and 1 signup for websitesontv in One Day! Congratulation emails pouring in all day makes this guy very excited. I had never in my life seen my inbox just full of one congratulation email after another, the whole page was full. It is a glorious site to see. 28 optins jumped to 40 as the hours went by. I think I can get used to this feeling. Me likes! Maybe I CAN do this. Thanks once again.

Thomas Kopriva http://www.NaturalNooks.com 


Why would you not want your Pay Buttons of 1000s of Websites...ofcourse you would this is the ideal way This Business can create what we all look for.. We search for Freedom..Wealth..And The Solution is right here..

Jerry Hawker


This is an amazing business for the little guy out there and as a leader of Network Power Group I'm looking forward to my group having the best success they have every had with anything they have ever been involved with in the past!

Richard Trotter


Received my 1st $7 money order in the mail within one week of signing up and marketing. More to follow!

David Schroeder

HEY!!!! This is Great!!! I have been in for under a week and I Have received 2 payments and got validated all in one day!!!! Don't hesitate just JOIN....

Carol Weiglein


Hey Paul.. YOU DID It Really BIG this Time! .. it s EJ Morris in Erie, PA. I ve been a successful marketer for over 30 years, so I ve seen my share of the HYPED Up ..DEAD END programs. That s right. I'm always a little skeptical.

It sure takes something pretty amazing .. and downright unique .. to GET my Attention. And .. "You Get Paid Fast" NOT Only GOT my Attention .. BUT it has KEPT my attention .. because the meager One Time fee of 28.00 SIMPLY Over Delivers on owning a Life-changing "Money Generating System" that is SO Simple.. ..

ANYBODY can Succeed ! The vault of Tools and training that everybody gets in their back office are ALL TOP SHELF .. ..especially the Guru List Builder and the Internet Success Machine"! .. Thanks Paul, ..

You created a SYSTEM that is going to HELP OUT an awful lot of people.. This is NOT only an INTERNET GAME CHANGER .. its a total LIFE Changer ..

God bless you!





Orbert Wachter

You really do get paid fast. I signed up on Friday Sept 27, 2013 and received my first money order on Monday September 30, 2013!!!. I am truly excited!!

I got so tired to looking for legitimate ways to make money online, everyone is ramming buy this and buy that down your throat but you never get any help whatsoever to use the products or know what to do with them so was so glad to find You Get Paid Fast. Finally a company that provides something I can dig my teeth into, and finally actually make some money


John Wedin 


Hi Paul, Congratulations on your great program: YouGetPaidFast.I am 88+ years young and this is the easiest program I have seen to enroll paid members.

I have been in a little over a month and have a downline of 12 with 9 paid to date.

Today one of my downline added note with her payment, that her husband is on dialysis 3 times a week and that this program is a Blessing because it is something he can do at home!

Again,Congratulations Paul

William Sullivan

My name is Pastor Charles Brooks, and I am truly blessed by being invited by my sponsor to be a part of a winning program. I have been hitting and missing trying this and that ..

but now I have hit a big payday and for once

I AM making money daily for the 1st time with yougetpaidfast.

My user name is newguy. I look forward to saying Thanks For Joining!

Charles Brooks


Hi, Everyone...

I'm VERY excited about YGPF! I've been with a BIG Ticket program for over 3 years but I have to say; when I "crunched" a few numbers on the Calculator I was BLOWN away by how much money can really be made with this "little" $28 Business.

So many hurting people really need a break on-line and this is IT!

Great Products Too!

Dazzling Dolly Lutz 



Basically I am talking with everybody I know who could benefit from this program which really is everybody. This is a great program and is paying daily.

It's the old story if you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby. Treat it like a business and work it everyday and you just might be surprised as what comes to your mail box daily.

Ken Karaczewski 

Paul, You have put up a REAL WINNER this tiem , It is FUN AND SO FAST. HOPE IT WORKS FOREVER!! Pat,

Techlady and old friend.

Pat Patterson 

God Bless Paul, I have today 10/11/13, been in (18) days thus far and after (13) years online, Marketing a minimum of 12 hours a day, and having made some very good money over the years - NEVER have I experienced ANYTHING like YGPF, Nor have I had SO Much Fun Doing It before!

Within thirty minutes of viewing the site once it was sent to me, I was at the Post office, getting my four people paid. Then, within five days, they had all received the MO's and confirmed me.

Then being Fully Validated and in possession of my Own Website, I set out to Get the Word Out! For I am All about Helping others, as a Senior Pastor for 40 + Years, and I saw the Extraordinary Value of what God had Most definitely given you, and couldn't wait to SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS!

I started by contacting every one of my friends on SKYPE and spending time explaining to them this 'Miracle' until they were as 'On Fire' about it as I was. Then, I began Posting it on FB, in a couple TE's, on all my other Programs I work, using the company 'banners' and 'Text Ad' info, as well as word of mouth and phone calls & Text Messages.

And Nothing has changed! Plus, I Pray daily and Ask God for wisdom for How He would have me do this, and He always Directs me, Knowing that I will NOT be Greedy, and that I give a majority of whatever I make Online, to the Spread of the Gospel in Untouched areas of the World. It has ONLY JUST BEGUN...

Let's take it to the World! God Bless, 
Pastor Richard

First I want to thank God that I was invited to be a part of this future venture. I am knew of course and beginning to get the news out and so excited because we can make a difference in our communities when we work together and help others succeed in this business.



You Get Paid fast is truly a ground floor opportunity, as the program is only (1) month old on the 5th of this month. I joined on the 24th of September and all my money orders were marked paid by my up-line sponsors by Oct. 2nd. I started promoting on Oct.3rd and received my first sign-up notification on Saturday morning Oct. 5, 2013. I received my first money order on Wednesday Oct.9th.

This is the real deal!

Pastor Mike Colston of Word Harvest Ministries, Inc. 

Hey Paul, being in the Network Marketing for over 20yrs+, I have never seen anything like this grow so fast and with great results. I am getting responses everyday.

Thanks Paul you are GOD sent and the YGPF.


Mailbox Money in 3 Days!



Wow I have only been in a little over a week and I have 13 registered members and been paid by three members already. This is a business anyone can do. Everyone should add this to there portfolio.

Marty and Dawn DeGarmo 

My Name Is Derrick Gage I Got Paid Fast With In 7 Days Very Good Program!

Derrick Gage 

This is the best $28 I have ever spent! Thanks YGPF!


Hi Paul. I'm new and just mailed the money order yesterday (Wednesday).

I'm so excited it is hard to sleep. I've sold everything but the kids!! I am 75 years old and the only program I ever made really good money with was Mary Kay Cosmetics.

That was 20+ years ago. It was very hard work. I worked a fulltime job and worked Mary Kay fulltime. I nearly killed myself.

I've tried other MLM companies and when they went belly up, so did I. I got tired of meetings, follow up calls, trying to convince someone that they needed to purchase $100 worth of products to remain active and to get paid.

Then I went to the Internet. I think I have purchased every program offered.

Some of them cost so much to work them that I had to quit. I almost went bankrupt. My career was spent as a Software Systems Engineer for 25 years, set up a computer training center for a major oil company and flew all over the United States to teach staff to use the personal computers.

I've taught Computer Science in the Junior College System and my last job of 11 years was as Director, Music Licensing for a major television network. I finally retired at 73 years old.

I want to have some fun before I leave the planet and your program offers me that opportunity.

I want to thank you for developing it and for sharing it with the world. This program will probably make more millionaires than anything else out there.

I will keep you posted as I grow. I need this win and I feel confident that this will work well for everyone!

Again, thanks for all you have done and all that you still have left to do.

God bless you.

Elva Clay Delores


I have been trudging along in network marketing for over 30 years. Although I made some great accomplishments, I dreaded the traditional meetings, auto-ships, and inconsistent income.

As a mother of eight children ranging from college to elementary, this is a breadth of fresh air. I paid one-time to create a legacy for my family!

The system is so simple, I can share it before my children wake up and know I'm making money all day while I spend time with them.

I finally found our solution to financial prosperity that hurts no one. It is so refreshing to know we got in at the start of it all!

Timing is everything in this industry and I would encourage anyone to not waste another second before they get started on getting paid fast!


After (13) years Full Time Marketing Online, YGPF sits ATOP the Pile, with No Close Comparisons!

I started about a week and half after the launch of YGPF, and as of today 11/7/13 - I have (22) Directs and (435) on Leaderboard #2.

My Mailman HAS become my best friend, bringing me the batch of Envelopes with $7.00 MO's Daily! I'm Shooting to make My Team the Happiest People on Earth, and that will take care of my Dreams!

Thanks a Million, Paul! 
Pastor Richard L. Brantley


This is a Great Incredible as well as awesome opportunity for all of us. Really, Mr.Paul Darby the Great International Businessman has rendered this great service by introducing this website as this site is rocking over the internet world.

I really appreciate Mr.Paul Darby(Owner of this Great Site) for his great service to mankind especially to all sections of the people.

Hence, I would highly recommend to all the come on this and join in this Great Site to prove yourself to earn a decent income via online, as plenty of latest features along with international standards are being implemented on this platform.

Yes. It's nice going. I really admired the services, support, cooperation and timely help will really boost the tremendous results for achieving most amazing success in the coming days. Great Site! Soon the people of this world see International Platform.

S.Venkata Giri 


Hi, My name is Kathleen Ayers. I have been in internet marketing for almost a year now and have not experiened the kind of success I am having with the "You Get Paid Fast" program.

When I was shown this program by a good friend sho is also in marketing, I saw it as a no-brainer and immediately created an account and sent my 7.00 payments to the designated people.

As soon as I was validated, as they say "It was on!" I've never before had this much fun in marketing while helping others and changing lives. People are desperate to find relief from their finacnial situation and "You Get Paid Fast" is the vehicle by which it can be done.

It is already happening! This program is so easy to do. I love going to my mailbox now because I know something good is going to be there for me. I am and will continue to share this program with everyone I know and don't know. I want everyone to receive this Blessing and then pay it forward and bless others as well.

Thank you Paul for such a great program and thank you J. D. for introducing it to me! My Team members and I will, without a doubt, put Texas on the map! Lol! :-)

Kathleen Ayers






WOW!Never before seen. The greatest money maker to hit the internet The cost of a steak dinner--No upgrades- And now soon to really make me the moola when we go INTERNATIONAL !

I'm an 81 year old GRANDMA and when I say it's making me money believe it. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO GIVE YOURSELF THIS GIFT(that's what it is , a gift that will keep coming to you day after day after day!



I have received about 27 money orders so far and i can't wait till the international program launches!

If you haven't joined what are you waiting for social security? It won't be there for you! Join now!!!

Ron Williams

Awesome business I just got my website on Monday Sept 30th and by Oct 1st I had already received several payments. Looking forward to a great end of year. But most important to share with a lot of needy people. Thanks Paul for a wonderful business at such a bargain price.

Roger Pepin 

I purchased the YGPF cash flow system on Thursday of last week 09/29/13 and received 1 payment on Saturday and 2 more today 09/30/13. IT WORKS!

DR in NC 

I can't tell you how excited I am about Paul's new program. It's working just as advertised - no hype, no fuss, no surprises! Just money orders flooding into my mailbox. This is the real deal folks. Watch the videos; follow the system and you will see results -FAST!

Sharon Hargett 

What an exciting program! Mr Darby hit it out of the park again! Glad to be part of the family!

Mark Hamilton




I have just received my first validation today-9/26/2013. One down and 3 to go. I can't wait to promote this business.

Joseph Nuhfer


Wow! Finally my mail box is alive again unlike before no mails coming in but two days in a row its rust started coming off lol, my neighbors are starting to raise their eyebrows... whoohoo! I love seeing Money orders.

Artie Fajanilan

Even though I have been involved in You Get Paid Fast for less then 1 week. I must say they responses are totally insane. I know the income is on its way, I just can't wait but I AM going 2 refer & blog this program every day! Thanks Paul...

Gifford Hurt Sr. 

Well done Paul! The first week has been amazing! I always judge a program based upon what can it can do for the average folks. My sponsor was right on when he said...."It offers an honest possibility for the little guy to finally make some serious financial changes". This is the life-changing program I have been waiting for. My advice to everyone is simple.

Join YGPF now!

Ken Russo

Hi, all I can say is...WOW! I have been promoting online for ten years now and I have made some good money, but I have NEVER seen anything like this before. Paul Darby, you have out done yourself on this one! YouGetPaidFast is the most amazing money-maker EVER! I will finally get to RETIRE! Thanks, Paul I really appreciate what you have done for all of us!

Billy Boykin CEO~Boykin Enterprises

I am excited and it is only my first week. Received my first money order and I haven't been confirmed yet. How neat is that? Can hardly wait to see my back office. Thanks Paul for this unique system!

Bonnie Hilliard


This is so exciting, to be working with Paul Darby. He is a man of God and has the vision to create wealth.

I am looking forward to helping others make money. This new software is the "FIRE" when it come down to creating prosperity and it will help us to help others without hope...

As a Pastor in Northwest Indiana, I see so much poverty and I only want to give people HOPE and a way to make their Families happy. This is it, with this we will learn, earn and grow to know the power of GOD at a Higher level of understanding his AWESOME POWER !!!



Never in my 30 years of networking have I seen such a large group of people communicating and working together for one common goal. It feels like Christmas receiving so many money orders in the mail! So to have a program that provides unity, results, ease and fun to boot is phenomenal!

Candice Keller


love this GEM of a business, got my first money order today and marked them paid and know that this will be my best business so far to date. So many places make promises they can not keep and take advantage of everyone.

Way to go Paul, you did good my friend.

Gary Wells


This program is very exciting and unique! I love that owners of programs online today have to get extremely creative and YGPF is no exception! I received my very first money order today, and guess where it came from?! Hawaii! Thank you! This is only the first of many more to come. I have never had such a great response to my offers ever!

Thanks, Paul, for setting the bar...higher where internet marketing is concerned. Blessings abundant!

Wendy Dayton 

As of 25 Sept 2013 which was about 1 week I got my first referral member to sign up. I must say I was very pleased to see that in my mailbox instead of the usual bills.Everyone needs to jump on this one, Paul Darby is a successful leader and he will make us all alot money more sooner than later!

Gino Cuchetto


This is a great business for people who don't have a debit or credit card, most people in this category felt left out of having their own business.

You Get Paid Fast blew me away with what is offered for the price and the bonuses are incredible.

You Get Paid Fast is a game changer and changing people's lives. Paul is a genius. I love it. I love the fact that I get paid daily, with this business my goal is to be retired from the workforce.

Thelma Brittain

Hey Paul, being in the Network Marketing for over 20yrs+, I have never seen anything like this grow so fast and with great results. I am getting responses everyday. Thanks Paul you are GOD sent and the YGPF.


I am so thrilled to have my new Business Opportunity, You Get Paid Fast that I am eager to get started with the quickness.This business surpasses my expectation so for. I have a good feeling that this is where I need to be at this time of my life.

James Britt 

I watched the video's, AS soon as they were through I immediately got up went to the PO and sent my 4 m.o. out. I haven't had time to receive any M.O. as yet as I just paid my 4. However this is the most exciting prospect for income I have seen in my 35 years in the business.

Gary Thompson 


I have been working from home for years and years now and although I believe in working hard and have always done so, the fun had gone out of it a long time ago.

We have all had to really fight for every dollar that has come of late but now with You Get Paid Fast you can have fun while you work a lot less hard. It's fun because you literally watch the money come in and you have fun promoting because you know you're passing something 'great' onto everyone.

I am excited once again and it happened even before I got my first Money Order.

Wow...having FUN at work!!

Heidi Kirschner


Best conversion rate I've seen in many a year.. Less than 500 visits for 21 optins for 7 signups.

My first money orders arrived in 3 days! We're just getting the ball rolling and it's EXCITING to be online making money! You Get Paid FAST lives up to its name..

Thank you, Paul Darby!

Duane Mobley


I have spent money on so many other programs that were pie in the sky offers, but this is a no brainer even if you fail, you are getting something useful for $28.

I wouldn't advise trying to sell this but to share it with anyone you come in contact with be it friend or stranger. I have been in sales all my life from the day I was able to walk and talk and so has everyone, they just don't know it, when they ate at a great restaurant or movie are just some examples, you would usually share that enthusiasm, well this is no different if you let the videos do the talking.

When someone says what is it don't throw upon them, just give them the card from Vista Print and ask them to watch the videos because your friend Paul Darby will do the rest.

Can't wait to get my website page to send out or give out. I will be sending my money orders out today after just enrolling on my sponsors website. I am in the wine and spirit sales business and come in contact with many people.

My suggestion is to go to Vista Print that usually has an offer for 250 business cards for $10 and just put your website on it and give them out like candy. Don't sell it just share it!

Bruce Samaritan


Great idea. Can't wait to get started here in the UK. Paul Darby comes over as a very pleasant chap who knows want he's doing with the wealth of knowledge he has and seems to enjoy sharing that with others.

Keep up the good work, Paul

Stan Mills 

Started getting my Checks in the mail after 4 days of joining. Thanks Paul for inventing something really easy and the people who really need an income can do with it not costing any more than a ONE Time Fee.

That's What's so great! Like the head line reads..."I May Never Have To Work Again" Long Live YGPF!!


Loran Moore 

I am in less than a week, and already have a sign-up and received payment. This is awesome!!!

Aaron M Finkel 


I am simply at a all time loss for words. The YOUGETPAIDFAST system is simply the best payment system anywhere and it delivers on its promise.

I love Paul's dedication to making this work for everyone who joins this system. You cant make it right here you cant make it anywhere. Paul you are truly AMAZING

. I love your spunk and your down to earth laid back manors. It is a pleasure to learn from a leader in the internet industry. I passed the website up plenty of times but when my business partner in Atlanta slipped the link into a old email inbox I barely use after I told her never to send me any more Work at home opportunities, she did anyway and because It was her that sent it I decided to take a closer look. My mouth hung down so low I tripped over it trying to find some envelopes and 4 stamps.

I got the money orders late and dropped them in the mailbox late. I couldn't sleep. This system is unreal and so easy I am upset I didn't develop it. Not only are we in the US going nuts over this New System, we about to plug into the International waters. I love it Paul. I just want to say Thank you for saving my life. Without you I would still be searching, with you I can just STALK MY MAILBOX!!

LOL Be Blessed.

Theresa Tipton 

Dear Friends,

We have pages and pages and pages and pages of testimonials that we could load this page up with, and will be glad to provide them if need be.

But, this is not about you reading about other people's success stories, it is instead about you creating your own.

Perhaps it is time to close this page and return to the page where you can start your own success story.

You will be in great company and frankly we would love to have you as a part of our community!



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